Arminian Quarter


The Kishla


Dilijan Ensemble

A Jerusalem-based ensemble named for the picturesque Armenian city of Dilijan. The ensemble performs Armenian instrumental music, exuberant folk dances, love songs, classical and liturgical works – in arrangements that are stylistically authentic yet original.

On stage:

Ilia Mazia – Armenian duduk

Boas Galili – Cretan lyra

Dima Oradovsky – guitar

Anatoly Magdalinsky – percussion


Dates: 31 March-3 April, 3 shows per evening


Sounds from the Land of Ararat

Pianist Aschen Agasarian and singer Asatur Balijian together present the best in Armenian folk and classical music. The duet takes listeners on a fascinating journey through the Armenian people’s history and art – a vivid and colorful journey in which joy mingles with sorrow.

On stage:

Ashchen Agasarian – piano

Asatur Baljyan – vocals


Dates: 31 March-3 April, 3 shows per evening





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