Hurva Square

The Hurva Square


Yishai Lapidot

Yishai Lapidot’s greatest songs, interspersed with stories and anecdotes drawn from his musical career that both amuse listeners and touch their hearts.

Lapidot, a songwriter and music producer who started out as a composer, has founded and served as producer for such successful ensembles as Oif Simchas, the children’s band Kinderlach, and Moetzet HaShira HaYehudit. He has composed melodies for Dudu Fisher, Avraham Fried, Tzemed Reim, Yeedle Werdyger, Mendy Wald, the Bruner Brothers, and others.

On stage:

Yishai Lapidot – vocals

Yoni Eliav – electronic keyboard

Aviel Eliav – saxophone

Dudi Setter – guitar

Yaniv Rosenfeld – drums


Dates: 31 March-3 April, two shows per evening



Jerusalem Klezmer Band

The soul music artists of Burstein’s Klezmer Basement, working to spread the authentic music and dance culture of klezmer, from one millennium to the next.

On stage:

Lior Grossman – accordion

Ofer Schneider – double bass

Shulem Steinberg – drums and vocals

Chouraki Gabriel – violin

David Golan – clarinet


Dates: 31 March, 1 April, two shows per evening

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Triple Cord

The Triple Cord Trio in a new show – Hidhud ("Echoing").

A dynamic and compelling musical journey, featuring a variety of styles and rare instruments, that invites one to listen to and experience one's inner world, the world around one, and all of Creation.

The band has a diverse and lively repertoire that draws on a multiplicity of cultures; its performances are well-crafted and inspirational.

The instruments used include: the hang, the pan flute, the ocarina, the bodhrán, the suling (Indonesian flute), the koana (Indian flute), the kanjira (Indian tambourine), and many others.

On stage:

Shay Agmon

Arik Polkovsky

Asaf Zamir


Date: 2 April, two shows during the evening


HaLev VeHaMaayan

HaLev VeHaMaayan won first prize at the 2010 International Jewish Music Festival, Amsterdam. The band has released 6 successful CDs, collaborated with some of the world’s most distinguished artists, and appeared at prestigious festivals in Israel and across the globe.

On stage:

Chilik Frank – clarinet and vocals

Naor Carmi – double bass

Ariel Eliav – accordion and percussion

 Assaf Zamir – percussion

Shimmy Weitzhandler – violin and vocals


Date: 3 April, two shows during the evening




The Moetzet – The Council of Jewish Singing hosting the Gat Brothers

Moetzet HaShira HaYehudit – The Council of Jewish Singing is a new theatrical project consisting of musical medleys that encompass and sum up an era of hassidic-Jewish music: 1960-1990.

The artist behind the initiative is Yishai Lapidot, moved by a desire to return to the sources of hassidic music in which melody and words take center stage.

The show – which hosts the Gat Brothers, Aryeh and Gil, who won the hearts of the Israeli public on the Next Israeli Star television program – is a kind of “tish” in which the singers perform the aforementioned medleys with audience participation.

During the show, nostalgic Jewish favorites are interwoven with the outstanding singing of the Gat Brothers, hassidic classics and Israeli songs that have become part and parcel of Jewish culture. The charismatic and remarkably diverse group of performers, and the powerful energy that they generate on stage, make this show an unforgettable cultural experience.

On stage:

Yishai Lapidot – MC and vocals

Arie and Gil Gat – vocals and guitars

Dudi Setter – guitars

Yaniv Rosenfeld – drums

Aviel Eliav – wind instruments

Yoni Eliav – keyboard and musical producer

Vocals: Avi Miller, Eyal Twito, Gil Israelov, Kobi Brummer and Netanel Israel


Date: 31 March, special performance, 21:40



Ariel Zilber

Ariel Zilber and the new ensemble present an electrifying and exciting show that is both nostalgic and contemporary, as part of the tour for their new album HaMeitiv. The show features songs and hits that have become Israeli classics and musical milestones: “Rutzi Shmulik,” “Betty Bam,” “Ten Li Koah,” “Ahava Shketa,” Shemesh Shemesh,” Agada Yapanit,” “HaHevra LeHaganat HaTeva,” “VeEich SheLo,” “Masakh Ashan,” “Lalekhet Imakh,” and many, many more.

On stage:

Ariel Zilber – vocals, electric piano and trumpet

Guy Mezig – musical production, guitar and vocals

Shay Leibovich – acoustic guitar, vocals

Shlomi Mantsur – bass guitar, vocals

Gili Leibovich – drums, vocals

Adir Kokhavi – saxophone

Gal Dahan – trumpet

Yossi Mor – electronic keyboard

Avner Kalmer – violin


Date: 1 April, special performance, 21:40


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Eviatar Banai

After five captivating albums that have left their mark on Israeli culture, Eviatar Banai presents a powerful and astonishing new show, accompanied by some of Israel's finest musicians.

On stage:

Eviatar Banai – vocals

Moti Bikivsky – guitars

Zach Drory – electronic keyboard

Yehu Yaron – bass

Aviv Barak – drums

Roy Harmon – trumpet and electronic keyboard


Date: 2 April, special performance, 21:40 


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Shuli Rand 

The Nekuda Tova album show encompasses all of the trademark features of a Shuli Rand performance – his songs interspersed with beautifully-told real-life anecdotes and, of course, a selection of new songs written especially for the show.

On stage:

Shuli Rand – vocals

Amit Harel – musical production

Avner Kalmer – violin

Amit Yitzhak – guitar

Eitan Raz – drums

Adi Har Avi – bass


Date: 3 April, special performance, 21:45 

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