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Orphaned Land

Orphaned Land is the Israeli heavy metal world's flagship band. The band was founded 23 years ago and has numerous albums to its credit. Orphaned Land has appeared in over 40 countries; over a million copies of its albums have been sold worldwide, and the band has become one of the most admired Israeli musical ensembles in the Arab world and in Turkey. Orphaned Land has won four peace prizes, and incorporates into its music motifs from hard rock and from the liturgical poetry of all faiths using period instruments.

On stage:

Kobi Farhi – vocals

Uri Zelha – bass

Chen Balbus – guitar

Idan Amsalem – guitar, buzuki

Matan Shmueli – kajon


Dates: 31 March, 2-3 April, three shows per evening


System Ali

A hip-hop ensemble that performs in four languages: Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and English. The band was founded in 2006 in a public bomb shelter in the Ajami neighborhood of Jaffa. The ten-member band brings to the stage a lively hodgepodge of languages, musical styles and personal backgrounds that is the source of its creative power.

On stage:

Moti Ben-Baruch – drums

Yehonatan Dayan – bass

Enver Setibragimov – vocals

Muhammad Aguani – vocals

Muhammad Mugrabi – vocals

Amne Jarushi – vocals

Yonatan Kunda – electric guitar and vocals

Luna abu Nassar – electric guitar and vocals

Neta Weiner – accordion and vocals

Liba Neeman – violin and vocals


Date: 1 April, three shows in the evening

מציג את תמונה יחצ סיסטם עאלי צלם-דודי דיין.jpg


Hebrews of Dimona

The Hebrews of Dimona – veteran artists based in the Negev city and members of the Black Hebrew Israelite community, mount a show of outstanding quality and power – a selection of American and Israeli-Hebrew soul and spiritual music. The band members, who live and breathe soul music, reach a state of ecstasy in this electrifying show.

On stage:

Matsael Ben Yehuda

Nava Christian

Avishag Ben Israel

Zakai Quick

Khaya Fouch


Dates: 31 March-3 April, three shows per evening



Leena Makhoul

Second-season winner in the television program The Voice Israel, in a new show.

After captivating us with her unique and thrilling voice, Leena Makhoul comes out with a breakthrough show that includes her biggest TV audience hits as well as popular songs from the Arabic music world.

On stage:

Leena Makhoul – vocals

Danny Schneiderman – bass guitar

Yossi Mor – electronic keyboard

Dudi Bar David – electric guitar

Roy Cheled – drums


Date: 3 April, special performance, 21:50




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