Tower of David


Tower of David


Habibti Ensemble

A ten-musician ensemble that performs Arabic and Western music and offers an encounter with original material and new interpretations of classic Arabic works – with influences from the world of jazz and from the Balkans.

On stage:

Nitzan Hyman – flute

Itamar Ben Yakir – trumpet

Lior Lin – bass

Guy Rodovich – soprano saxophone

Dorion Josef Hazan – oud

Adva Rosenberg – piano

Shifra Atzmon – violin

Ido Tzur – percussion

Daniel Groag – percussion

Thomas Ben Tov – percussion and hang


Dates: 31 March, 3 April, two shows per evening


Olam Ensemble

Musical instruments and styles from all over the world are brought together in a unique and surprising fusion of old and new, far and near, familiar and foreign.

Five musicians of different personal backgrounds perform, together, a wonderfully variegated repertoire of sounds, rhythms and voices that includes original material and fresh interpretations of familiar traditional works.

On stage:

Hidai Liberman, vocals, percussion, hang

Liran Kehat – guitars, bansuri flute

Yishai Ben Yakov – guitars, side-blown flute, saxophone

Elyasaf Bashari – bass

Anton Koren – overtone instruments, didgeridoo, n'goni, hang

Dor Kelman – drums


Date: 1 April, two shows during the evening


Mwazen Band

Four-musician band that plays all types of Arabic and Andalusian music, including the classic works of such great Arab singers as Umm Kulthum, Farid al-Atrash, Abdel Halim Hafez, Mohammed Abdel Wahab, and others. The band also plays modern, rhythmic and upbeat songs.

On stage:

Sohel Halailia – vocals and oud

Mooen Shoeeb – keyboard

Saleh Heby – darbuka

Ebrahim Heby – tar


Dates: 1-2 April, two shows per evening


Alaev Family

The Alaev Family – three generations of Bukharan musicians on a single stage – invites you to embark on a musical journey to beautiful Bukhara and, along the way, to a more beautiful Eretz Israel. The program includes stirring and rhythmic pieces incorporating new arrangements, in a youthful and joyous ambience – groove that gets the audience up on its feet.


Dates: 31 March, 2 April, two shows per evening



Triple Cord

The Triple Cord Trio in a new show – Hidhud ("Echoing").

A dynamic and compelling musical journey, featuring a variety of styles and rare instruments, that invites one to listen to and experience one's inner world, the world around one, and all of Creation.

The band has a diverse and lively repertoire that draws on a multiplicity of cultures; its performances are well-crafted and inspirational.

Instruments used by the band include: the hang, the pan flute, the ocarina, the bodhrán, the suling (Indonesian flute), the koana (Indian flute), the kanjira (Indian tambourine), and many others.

On stage:

Shay Agmon

Arik Polkovsky

Asaf Zamir


Date: 3 April, two shows during the evening



Danny Robas

Danny Robas, one of Israel's best-loved songwriters and performers whose work has stood the test of time and audience popularity, continues his successful tour.

Danny Robas, with such songs as "I'm Coming Home from the Night," "Following the Love," "Faces and Names," "How He Sings," "Tel Aviv Never Sleeps," "A Little Letter," "Trains 68/80/88," "Sunflower Seeds," "It Isn't Me," "Something New is Starting," "On the Road to Happiness," and many others that have become contemporary classics and part of the soundtrack of Israeli life, in an especially exuberant and exciting show.

On stage:

Danny Robas – vocals and guitars

Mickey Warshai – bass guitar

Karen Taperberg – drums

Ori Weinstock – electronic keyboard

Amit Jurgenson – electric guitar

Ilil Tamir Robas – percussion


Date: 31 March, featured performance, 21:45


Idan Haviv

Idan Haviv's new show opens with the theme song of his new album, To Lose Interest in Time, which is enjoying great popularity and critical acclaim.

In the course of the show Idan performs songs from two of his albums, A Little at a Time and To Lose Interest in Time, as well as songs on which he collaborated with Idan Raichel: "Mom, Dad and Everyone Else" and "At Night," which was named Song of the Year for 2013.

Music produced and arranged by Gilad Shmueli and Idan Haviv

On stage:

Idan Haviv

Drums: Gilad Shmueli

Guitar: Ariel Tuchman

Bass: Yogev Glusman

Sound: Barak Levi

Lights: Roy Itzhak


Date: 1 April, special performance, 21:45



Red Band

The stars of the successful Channel 2 series and cult classic Red Band return to the stage with a new, one-of-a-kind music and comedy show featuring all their greatest hits.


Date: 2 April, special performance, 21:45 pm





Sheketak, which has appeared in over 30 countries around the world, in a dynamic and exuberant show for the entire family: body drumming, steps, hip-hop, b-boying (breakdance) and more, to live music.

See, hear and immerse yourself in the experience.

Creators – Zahi Patish and Danny Rachom


Date: 3 April, special performance, 21:45 pm


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