Tower of David Moat


Tavern between the Walls


From Jaffa Gate to Piraeus – hosted by Shimon Parnas

"The mountain air is clear as wine and the scent of pines

The strains of the bouzouki resound as night falls

At the foot of Jerusalem's walls"

All the way from Jaffa Gate to Piraeus – favorite sounds, songs and stories with Shimon Parnas and the Taverna Band.

On stage:

Shimon Parnas – host

Shlomi Nisan – bouzouki and vocals

Alon Yakuti – keyboard

Yehuda Alal – bouzouki

Moshe Bonomo – accordion



Shimon Parnas: 31 March-2 April – special performance at 20:15

Taverna Band: 31 March-3 April


Remangar Flamenco

Remangar Flamenco presents: Flamenco Vivo.

A festive flamenco evening of unparalleled quality, courtesy of Remangar Flamenco. During the course of the evening the band’s singers, guitarists and dancers will perform the best of their dance and song repertoire – all live music in the “flamenco puro” style.

On stage:

Avner Pesach – Principal Dancer

Adi Cohen, Alini Infuerzo, Shirin Gavriel – dancers

Shuki Sheveki – vocals

Ilai Burla – guitar

Maayan Duari – percussion


Date: 3 April, two shows during the evening


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