The Hurva Synagogue square

The Hurva Square


The Ariel Brothers – From Carlebach to Meir Ariel

The Ariel Brothers – sons of the late Meir Ariel – have been paying tribute to their father for over seven years with a show that that has been performed throughout the country. They play all of Meir Ariel’s best-known songs as well as original pieces from their debut CD, songs rooted in Jewish tradition, Chassidic songs, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach favorites, and more.

The show also features anecdotes about Meir Ariel, his unique life experience, family stories, stories of tradition and of Jerusalem …

On stage:

Ehud Ariel – acoustic guitar and vocals

Shahar Ariel – harmonica and vocals

Tomer Sery – percussion and vocals

Ohad Ben Izchak – electric guitar

Lior Pasal – flute


March 9-12 > 19:15, 20:25



Jerusalem Klezmer Band

The soul music artists of Burstein’s Klezmer Basement, working to transmit the authentic music and dance culture of klezmer, from one millennium to the next.

On stage:

Lior Grossman- accordion

Ofer Schneider - contrabass

Shulem Steinberg - drums and vocals

Chouraki Gabriel - violin

David Golan - clarinet


March 9, 11 >19:50, 21:00

מציג את הכלייזמרים הירושלמים צילום לולו דאקי.jpg

Kalimutke Philharmonia

Instrumental music of Serbian and Romanian Jewry and of the Ukrainian golden age (19th century), with a hint of Parisian gypsy swing and its infectious beat.

Exceptional musicians perform outstanding works of eastern and central European Jewish folklore, past and present, in a distinctive and original way.

On stage:

Daniel Hoffman – violin

Gilad Harel – clarinet

Gilad Ephrat – contrabass  

Yaakov Hoter – guitar


March 10, 12 > 19:50, 21:00


Shlomi Shaban – Piano Concert

Shlomi is an exceptionally gifted performer, blessed with both an engaging sense of humor and hypnotic charisma. In concert he displays astonishing virtuosity, combining classical and rock music for a style that is his and his alone.

A special feature of the concert: Shlomi will collaborate with his good friend, internationally-renowned saxophonist Eli Degibri.

One-of-a-kind arrangements in a tailor-made production by two music superstars performing songs from all of their albums, including the new release Targil B’Hitorerut.

On stage:

Shlomi Shaban – piano

Eli Degibri – saxophone


March 9 > 21:45




Shimon Buskila – New Show

By integrating ethnic music and Israeli pop in an extraordinary East-West journey, Shimon Buskila has repeatedly left his mark on the Israeli music scene, to which he brings his unique brand of soul and feeling.

During the concert he will perform such perennial favorites as At HaMachar Sheli, Eich At Lo Ro’ah, Alash, and Mechapes Chaver Karov, as well as Sarit Hadad’s Hayiti B’Gan Eden, Min Nhar Li Mishiti (Ya Mama) from the Idan Raichel Project, and many others.

On stage:

Shimon Buskila – vocals

Yossi Mor – keyboard

Tomer Stein – guitar

Gilad Dobrecky – percussion

Nir Bachar – drums

Amitai Pariente – bass

Gal Dahan – wind instruments


March 10 > 21:45


Haim Yisrael

Haim Israel, a singer well-known in Israel and around the world, has released 13 successful albums to date.

The show brings together Haim Israel’s finest works – old and new, songs rooted in Jewish, songs from all of the albums, spanning the singer’s entire career, including such hits as: Yitgadal VeYitkadash, Mima’amakim, Al Tidagi Yalda, Yesh Lanu al Mi Lismokh, Ata Kadosh, Lekh Elai, Mal’achim, Kesem Neurai, and more …

On stage: Haim Israel -- vocals

Itamar Aharon – drums

Rami Raba – keyboard

Yoni Keisar – guitars

Efi Zaken – darbuka

March 11 > 21:45



Arkadi Duchin Hosts Sagiv Cohen – Winter Concert Exclusively for the Festival

Arkadi Duchin in a special winter concert, one that will remind you of the great performers of French and English chanson, such as Jacques Brel and Leonard Cohen. The concert features some of the biggest hits from one of Israel’s finest artists.

Hits will include: Hi Lo Doma, Mi Ohev Otach Yoter Mimeni, Od Negi’a, Cheder Misheli, Yesh Bi Ahava, and more, with the accompaniment of three musicians. Exclusively for the Festival, Arkadi is hosting the multitalented and highly-regarded singer Sagiv Cohen, known for his outstanding vocal abilities. Together they create a transcendent musical event, featuring songs rooted in Jewish sources and presented in an array of styles, with an ethnic twist.

On stage:

Arkadi Duchin – vocals and piano

Sagiv Cohen – vocals

Jean Paul Zimbris – percussion

Zur Ben Zeev – contrabass

Shimon Hen – guitars


March 12 > 21:45




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