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Folk Sounds |  Music Fair


Folk Sounds Stage


Irish Melody

Irish, Celtic and Scottish music – traditional and stirring Irish and Scottish ballads and songs; rhythms of Irish dance: jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas and more …

On stage:

Gregory Nakhimzon – violin

Shay Tochner – guitar, harmonica, vocals

Elisha Avshalom – tin (“Irish”) whistle, flute, vocals

Igor Ostrovsky – keyboard, melodic


March 9 > 19:00, 20:20, 21:40



From Russia with Love

Concert featuring Russian music of past eras – pioneer songs, World War II songs, gypsy songs, romantic classics and love songs, folk songs, and more. From Sinii Platochek (“Little Blue Kerchief”) and Serdtse (“Heart,” known in Hebrew as Rina) to Ochi Chornye ("Black Eyes") and Dorogoi Dlinnoyu (“By the Long Road,” popularized in English as Those Were the Days). (The songs are performed in Russian and Hebrew.)

On stage:

Leonid Rabinovich – violin, vocals

Igor Ostrovsky – electric piano

Igor Okun – Russian accordion (bayan)


March 9 > 19:40, 21:00, 22:20



Ana Kurdi

Ronen Yona sings and plays classics from the Kurdish tradition, accompanied by wind instruments and musical instruments of a distinctively ethnic character.

On stage:

Ronen Yona – vocals, zurna, duzela, duduk

Boaz Yona – dhol drum

Haim Yitzhak – string instruments, bağlama

Ben Raviv – keyboard

Meir Ajam – percussion


March 10 > 19:00, 20:20, 21:40




Jerusalem-based ensemble specializing in lively Balkan music. No other Israeli band plays like Babayaga. Rousing melodies, colorful harmonies and impossible rhythms are cooked up together and served burning hot. Babayaga’s repertoire is a mix of authentic and rare selections from the Balkans and music written by members of the ensemble: exhilarating instrumentals and songs about accordion players, thieves, hysterical mothers, chess, welders and, of course, unrequited love.

On stage:

Gershon Leizerson – violin and vocals

Gal Maestro – contrabass

Ariel Armoni – drums and percussion

Ira Shiran – accordion


March 10 > 19:40, 21:00, 22:20



Gesher HaMeitarim (“Bridge of Strings”)

A unique Jerusalem ensemble on an astonishing cultural journey – classic Ottoman music, Turkish folk music and modern pieces composed by the group's members in the tradition of the Turkish makam.

A human-musical bridge between East and West.

On stage:

Eitan Baruch – oud and vocals

Yossi Bronfman – qanun

Yogev Levy – ney (Persian flute)

Mark Kirzhner – contrabass  

Nur Bar Goren – percussion


March 11 > 19:00, 20:20, 21:40




Swing de Gitanes

The gypsy swing (“gypsy jazz”) ensemble Swing de Gitanes offers its audiences a unique musical experience – drawing on Gypsy color and passion, the melodic elegance of French music of the 1920s to the 1940s, the infectious bounciness of American swing, and Middle Eastern charm. With exhilarating virtuosity Swing de Gitanes revives the glorious phenomenon of gypsy jazz, as created by legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt.

On stage:

Oren Sagi – Contrabass  

Yaakov Hoter guitar

Alon Sagi guitar


March 11 > 19:40, 21:00, 22:20




A Jerusalem ensemble that plays Algerian-Moroccan music, refashioned to incorporate elements of Israeli and Arabic mainstream music. The ensemble has appeared with Emil Zrihan, Nino Biton, the Ashkelon Andalusian Orchestra, and others …

On stage:

Hanan Kadosh – vocals and oud

Elad Kimchi – keyboard

Gilad Amsalem – darbuka

Moshe Sabag – violin


March 12 > 19:00, 20:20, 21:40



Oren Tsur and Nadav Bachar

Oren and Nadav’s sources of inspiration are world music and ancient melodies – new alongside old. From guitar and violin they coax fantastic music – intimate, richly-layered and invigorating.

Both of these widely-admired musicians have played with a diverse array of ensembles.

On stage:

Nadav Bachar – guitar and vocals

Oren Tsur – violin and vocals


March 12 > 19:40, 21:00, 22:20







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