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The Muristan


Hebrews of Dimona

The Hebrews of Dimona – accomplished artists based in the Negev city and members of the Black Hebrew Israelite community – showcase the outstanding quality and power of their music with a selection of American and Israeli-Hebrew soul and spiritual works. The band members, who live and breathe soul music, reach a state of ecstasy in this electrifying concert.

On stage:

Matsael Ben Yehuda

Nava Christian

Avishag Ben Israel

Zakai Quick

Khaya Fouch


March 9-12 > 20:00, 22:05


Shlomo Gronich

Shlomo Gronich, one of Israel’s most productive, stylistically diverse and intriguing musicians of the last four decades, is also one of the country’s outstanding performers – a piano virtuoso and a powerful vocalist.

The ageless musician’s energetic performing style is that of a young man; only his white ponytail hints at his actual age.

A Gronich concert is an occasion of pure enjoyment, one that makes an indelible impression on the audience.

On stage:

Shlomo Gronich – vocals and piano

Omri Agmon – guitar


March 9 > 21:00


Tamar Eisenman

Tamar Eisenman, Queen of Groove, was born in Jerusalem and grew up in Mevasseret Zion.

With three highly-regarded albums under her belt and many dozens of tours in Israel and abroad, Eisenman has become known as one of the country’s outstanding performing artists, with a fan base that is constantly growing.

This show, in which Eisenman is accompanied by two instrumentalists, showcases her unique gifts as a songwriter and musician.

Tamar’s charisma and dynamism lend unique resonance to her special brand of groove, blues and rock.

On stage:

Tamar Eisenman – vocals and guitar

Warshai Mickey – bass

Karen Teperberg – drums

Ido Zeleznik – keyboard


March 10 > 21:00


Aiad Tanus

Vocalist Aiad Tanus of Kfar Maghar was born to a musical family: his father and brothers are singers as well. Tanus began his career with the release of 6 well-received singles. His distinctive voice and the musical extravaganza that he creates have made him the most listened-to and best-known singer in Israel’s Arab sector.

On stage:

Aiad Tanus – vocals

Wissam Fakouri – drums

Samir Shoufani – organ

Mussa Bassila – darbuka

Asad Matar – violin

Ayman Suleiman– tambourine

Rami Kharman – bass guitar

Josif Masalam – percussion


March 11 > 21:00



             Keren Ann

A creative musician, vocalist and producer who is active in three major cities: Paris, New York and Tel Aviv. To date she has released 6 solo albums, all of which have garnered worldwide acclaim and been exceedingly successful commercially. Keren Ann has collaborated with many internationally-renowned musicians, including Iggy Pop, Henri Salvador, and The Roots drummer/frontman Questlove; in Israel she has worked with Assaf Amdursky, Shlomi Shaban and Avishai Cohen.

On stage:

Keren Ann – vocals and guitar

Nir Manzur – drums

Barak Mori – bass


March 12 > 21:00


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