About the Festival


2015 Festival


This will be the sixth consecutive year for Jerusalem's Sounds of the Old City Festival.

The Festival will be held from March 12 to March 15, and will be open to the general public, free of charge.

The Festival is an initiative of the Jerusalem Development Authority, the Ministry for Jerusalem and Heritage Affairs, and the Jerusalem Municipality. It is managed and produced by Ariel Municipal Company.

The Festival offers a glimpse of the Old City's diverse musical traditions, and is yet another anchor of Jerusalem's culture and tourism nightlife. Festival-goers will be able to sample a rare selection of authentic and contemporary musical bands and ensembles that reflect the unique heritage of each of the Old City quarters. The ensembles will appear on centrally-located stages and in quaint alleyways throughout the Old City Basin, ensuring that visitors come away with an exhilarating experience in the magical atmosphere of the Old City.

This year, for the first time, a family area will be erected in Habonim Garden. In the plaza outside Jaffa Gate there will be a central stage, while the plaza adjacent to the Tower of David will mount a stage for folk music in a variety of styles. The Jewish Quarter will feature two stages, providing venues for a wealth of Israeli and Jewish music performances, and the Christian Quarter will host a riveting encounter with outstanding contemporary works.

The Festival will be held along a circular trail starting from Jaffa Gate, continuing through the Armenian and Jewish Quarters, and ending in the Christian Quarter, bringing visitors back to Jaffa Gate.


Special attractions:

Silent Disco Party: a party in which the music is delivered to attendees via headphones. Two different music channels will be available for audience selection along Saint James Street (headphones will be handed on the deposit of an ID card).


Family Compound, HaTekuma Garden:

A musical instrument-making workshop using recycled materials; a music-box exhibition, a voice workshop, a workshop on chakra healing frequencies, a drum circle and a rhythm workshop. 


You are invited to stroll through the Old City and experience a varied and enjoyable festival of sound!