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Music under the Stars

This is the place where you can let your body and soul relax after a hard day’s work, to the soothing strains of artist Niko’s music – a variety of instruments and exceptional vocal talents. We’ll gaze at the stars while being introduced to Tui na and Shiatsu by selected students from Reidman College, close our eyes … and dream.

Space limited

Celebrated musician and composer Niko Levy hosts flautist Adi Silberberg in a special Sounds of the Old City Festival concert, at the foot of Jerusalem’s Old City walls.

On stage:

Niko Levy

Adi Silverberg


In cooperation with Reidman College – Reidman International College for Complementary and Integrative Medicine has been training therapists for 25 years and offers a wide range of activities aimed at improving community health and lifestyles.


March 9-12 > 19:00-21:30


Ha’shlosharot – Aya Korem, Raz Shmueli and Michal Geva

The three singers embarked on a journey aimed at reconnecting with treasured classics of Israeli song. Along the way they discovered a magical world. They perform the best of the great trios: HaChalonot HaGvohim, HaNeshamot HaTehorot, HaShlosharim, Gesher HaYarkon, and more …

All of these delightful old favorites are performed in a fresh and often surprising way.

A kaleidoscope of colors, stirring arrangements and instrumental accompaniment combine to form a new and exciting whole.

On stage:

Raz Shmueli – vocals and guitar

Aya Korem – vocals and guitar

Michal Geva – vocals and guitar

Adam Ben Amitai – guitar

Hadar Green – bass guitar

Matan Ephrat – drums

Omri Behr – keyboard


March 9 > 21:45


Alma Zohar

Alma Zohar, singer and artist, was born and raised in Jerusalem. Here you will see her in an electrifying concert featuring the best-loved songs from her three albums. Her superb delivery and distinctive voice have made her one of the outstanding artists of recent years and a major spokesperson for her generation.

Alma Zohar’s first album, Dabri, placed her among Israel’s top-ranking women artists.

A powerful performance that touches the heart.


Alma Zohar – vocals and guitar

Asi Ayalon – guitar and vocals

Nadav Barak – bass guitar

Eran Porat – drums


March 10 > 21:45



HaTransistor – Tribute to Arik Einstein

An unforgettable, thrilling event that pays tribute to Israel’s great vocalist and the founding father of Israeli rock.

The ensemble was founded prior to Einstein’s passing.

Musical direction: music producer Moshe Levi (Shalom Hanoch, Aviv Geffen, Shlomo Artzi, Meir Banai and many others … )


Moshe Levi – musical production, keyboard, accordion, electric guitar

Ara’le Sikes and Avi Chen – lead vocals and acoustic guitar

Erez Singer – electric guitar and vocals

Noam London – bass guitar

Eyal Kochal – drums


March 11 > 21:45


            Nurit Galron – Greatest Hits

Her appealing vocal color, virtuoso control, rich imagination and exquisite taste have made Galron an outstanding performer – indeed, a one-of-a-kind phenomenon. The singer, who is regarded as one of Israel’s finest vocalists, captivates audiences wherever she appears.

Among the songs to be performed: Yaldut Nishkachat, HaMistikanim HaSinim, Ata Po Haser Li, Mashehu BiLvava, Yesh Li Simpatiya, Ata Holech Lishon Mukdam, Negi’a Achat Raka, Ani Eshtage’a, Sus Me’Etz, Zeh HaGeshem, and more.

On stage:

Nurit Galron – vocals

Adam Ben Amitai – guitar

Adi Har Zvi – bass

Dekel Dvir – drums

Amit Harel – keyboard


March 12 > 21:45 


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