New Central Stage - Zion Square

New Central Stage - Zion Square



DJ Roy Avraham


            March 28th > 19:00




Itay Levi


Itay Levy is one of the most promising figures working in the Mediterranean genre today, having risen to prominence with exceptional speed. The magazine Pnai Plus and the online newspaper Ynet have dubbed him this year's great discovery, and he has released a widely-praised debut album, Ma Over Alayich, that has produced a number of big hits, including Kimat Shir Ahava, Af Echad Acher, Yaldut shel Pa'am, and the title number, Ma Over Alayich. His YouTube page has racked up millions of views, and he has won recognition for 300,000 cellular and new-media downloads. A few months ago Levi was signed by Liam Productions (owned by singer Eyal Golan), and placed under the personal management of Benny Peretz, sparking the real breakthrough. This year he worked on his second album with writers, composers and musicians of the highest caliber while collecting and meticulously selecting material and striving to sustain its distinctive qualities – thereby bringing to the genre something different, unique and challenging.


March 28th > 20:30



Dr. Casper's Rabbit Show hosting Yermi Kaplan


With over twenty years' creative work to their credit, countless hits that have left their mark on the Israeli music scene, live concerts that have become a cult phenomenon for generations of admirers, and an outstanding new album, Oren Barzilai and Shai Lahav – Dr. Casper's Rabbit Show – are back with a new concert!

The beloved band's career was launched with a groundbreaking debut album featuring great and unforgettable songs. Over the years, Dr. Casper's Rabbit Show has released 5 studio albums, a live album, and a greatest hits collection, and has achieved recognition as one of Israel's leading rock bands. In the new album, Manginot ("Melodies"), Shai and Oren remind us once again just what an exceptional musical pairing they are, and reinforce the status of Dr. Casper's Rabbit Show as a band that is both cutting-edge and popularly successful.


On stage:

Shai Lahav - keyboard and vocals

Oren Barzilai - guitar and vocals

Yuvi Haybi - drums

Oren Ziv - bass

Ariel Polyakov - guitar


March 28th > 22:00




DJ Roy Avraham


March 28th > 22:45






            March 29th > 19:00




Lior Narkis


March 29th > 20:45 




Nadav Guedj


Nadav Guedj was 2015's greatest success story. As the Season Two winner of the Israeli television program Rising Star, he thrilled audiences with his exceptional voice and talent. From there it was an easy move to the international scene, where he gave one of the most acclaimed Eurovision performances ever credited to an Israeli and took Israel to the finals for the first time in years with his big hit Golden Boy. He also made it onto the charts in several major European countries (Germany, France, Sweden, the Netherlands) – an outstanding achievement in the Israeli music industry. He has become an international star with thousands of fans around the world, and a sought-after performer in Israel and abroad; his end-of-year music chart rankings have been singularly impressive: Breakthrough of the Year, Discovery of the Year, Song of the Year, Video of the Year. To his new concert Guedi brings distinction, magic, freshness and a whole lot of great music, including some favorites from his Rising Star days – Golden Boy, Good Vibes, and more.


On stage:

Amos Ben David - musical arrangements and production

Amir Kovalsky - keyboard

Adi Rotem - guitars

Adam Milliner - bass

Zohar Barzilai - drums


March 29th > 22:00





            March 29th > 22:45






            March 30th > 19:00




Liran Danino


Four years ago, Liran Danino released his first single, Adayin Reik, and the rest was history. Danino's first album generated great excitement in the Israeli music industry; within a short time it became one of the country's best-loved albums, thanks to such hits as Lalechet, Chozer Elayich, and Kol Hamilim that topped the charts and were featured prominently by Israeli radio stations. Thanks to these songs, Liran has become a hot name in the music industry and one of Israel's most promising performers. Three recently-released songs from Liran's next album, Simla K'chula, Im Hazman and Harbeh Mimech Nishar, have also been enthusiastically received: they have garnered over 6 million YouTube views, are being played by all of Israel's radio stations and are topping local charts. Liran is currently doing a national tour, featuring songs from the new album and hits from the earlier one, together with the musicians who have accompanied him in recent years.


On stage:

Roy Cheled - drums

Ariel Tuchman - electric guitar

Elad Sikel - bass

Roy Neufeld - keyboard


March 30th > 20:30



Omer Adam


March 30th > 22:00






            March 30th > 22:45




DJ Elad Amedi


            March 31st > 19:00




Shiri Maimon


Shiri Maimon, one of the great Israeli success stories of the past decade.

Since her last tour, Shiri has taken Israel's most prestigious performance venues by storm in her live concert partnership with Shimon Buskila, which has been running to great acclaim for the past five years. She has also released a third album, Sheleg BaSharav, and has appeared on television screens as a panel member on Channel 2's X Factor. Now Shiri is returning to center stage with a new and exciting show, dazzlingly produced, that will showcase her many talents and, of course, her biggest hits: Hasheket Nishmar, Sheleg BaSharav, Le'an Shelo Telchi, K'shehalacht, Chelek Mimech, Ad she Tavin Oti, Tohavi K'tzat et Atzmeich, Yoter Tov Lisloach, Kama Pe'amim, Zchuchiyot, Avir, Ahava K'tana, and more …


            March 31st > 20:35




Skazi – the creative artist and producer, Israel's ambassador to the electronic music world! Considered a global leader in the music and party scenes. The many different cultural influences that have shaped Skazi's work are evident in this highly charged show whose many classical motifs are incorporated into the artist's distinctive and striking sound, which encompasses classical music, rock and metal. The concert will feature hits from the Skazi's rich and well-known repertoire: Hit & Run, Move Away, Anarchy, Vampire, Or LSD, Davay Davay, Warrior, Spanish Vibe, and more … 


            March 31st > 22:00

DJ Elad Amedi


           March 31st > 22:45



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