Tower of David Moat


Tavern between the Walls


From Jaffa Gate to Piraeus


Shimon Parnas hosts a very special show

"The mountain air is clear as wine and the scent of pines

The strains of the bouzouki resound as night falls

At the foot of Jerusalem's walls"

All the way from Jaffa Gate to Piraeus – favorite sounds, songs and stories with Shimon Parnas and the Taverna Band.

On stage:

Shimon Parnas – host

Shlomi Nisan - bouzouki and vocals

Alon Yakuti - keyboard

Yehuda Alal - bouzouki

Moshe Bonomo - accordion


Shimon Parnas & Taverna Band: 28-29,31.3 > 19:00-23:00



Maya Sol


Maya Sol was born in Ramat Gan and has enjoyed a wide-ranging musical career, starting as a child vocalist with a variety of bands and continuing through many hundreds of stage performances in which she gained experience and confidence. Fifteen years ago she discovered Greek music and fell in love. Her exceptional talent brought her into contact with the late, great Greek singer Nikolaos, who took her under his wing. Maya decided to learn Greek; while studying the language she also began to appear as a regular at the Imperius and Poseidon clubs, as well as on television programs such as those of Yaron Ilan and Eli Yatzpan (Charif BaOzen), Yankele Le'an and BaTaverna.

Maya is represented in Greece by the legendary music producer Miltos Karangeas. This past January she appeared as a guest on Kostas Hardavellas' television program Horane H Kaly Oly. The show also featured such first-rank Greek artists as Giorgos Tsalikis, Lefteris Pantazis, and Angelos Dionisiou.


Maya Sol & Taverna Band: 30.3> 19:00-23:00



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