Muristan Square


Muristan Square




Perach Adom hosts Yehuda Kesar


Perach Adom hosts Yehuda Kesar for an evening of music from Thessalonika, Athens and Jerusalem, arranged specially for the Festival.


On Stage:

Yehuda Kesar - electric guitar

Tomer Katz - bouzouki

Inbal Dadon - vocals

Moshe Vaturi - kanun

Vera Gorenstain - violin

Nimrod Atzmaon - guitar


March 28th > 20:00, 22:05




Nasrin Kadri


Israel's Mediterranean music diva.

Nasrin Kadri, whose exceptional vocal gifts have made her one of today's most interesting and distinctive performers, has succeeded over the past few years in pushing the envelope of Mizrahi music in Israel through her special blend of authentic Arabic music/song and Israeli pop. Her concerts integrate Arabic classics with Israeli music and original songs from her debut album, for an exhilarating experience where the rousing beat leaves no audience member seated.


March 28th > 21:00


Hebrews of Dimona


The Hebrews of Dimona – accomplished artists based in the Negev city and members of the Black Hebrew Israelite community – showcase the outstanding quality and power of their music with a selection of American and Israeli-Hebrew soul and spiritual works. The band members, who live and breathe soul music, reach a state of ecstasy in this electrifying concert.


On stage:

Matsael Ben Yehuda, Nava Christian, Avishag Ben Israel, Zakai Quick, Khaya Fouch - vocals


March 29th-31st > 20:00, 22:05






Karolina is one of the outstanding female vocalists on the Israeli music scene and an exceptional performer. She has had many hits over the course of her impressive career, including Al Te'acher, Af Echad Lo Ba Li, Mul HaYam, Havdala al Abir HaChofesh uBat Galim, Tzar Li Charlie, and So Far, which she wrote for Habanot Nechama. Her sound has become a major presence in the new Israeli music repertoire. Her unique interpretation of Zohar Argov's Tzel Etz Tamar, released in 2012, was one of the most widely-broadcast songs on the Israeli airwaves during 2013, and exemplifies the diverse nature of her creative work. Dripping with groove, gifted with a powerful voice and captivating stage presence, Karolina galvanizes audiences with her energy and dynamism. 


March 29th > 21:00



Yuval Dayan


She was declared Woman of the Year in Music for 2014 by Israeli radio stations 102 fm, Radio Kol Chai, Emtza HaDerekh and Radio Darom, and by Channel 24 and the Mako website. Reshet Bet named her Discovery of the Year, and her song Al Tomar was declared the year's most-heard song. Now, Yuval Dayan continues along her stellar trajectory as one of the most promising figures in Israel's music industry.

Yuval launched a successful debut album, which went gold with songs that made it onto every playlist: Le'esof, Al Tomar, Ad she'Takhzor, Me Ani Mulam, and Tzva'im with Amir Dadon.\

Yuval has established herself as a distinctive and compelling feminine voice in the Israeli music scene; and now – with many thousands of radio listeners, millions of views on her official YouTube channel, and glowing reviews – she is sustaining the momentum with a successful round of debut album performances.


March 30th > 21:00



Dana Berger


Dana Berger in an inspiring and exhilarating concert featuring many audience favorites. She will be performing all of the hits we know and love, from the Balagan period through all of her solo albums, including songs from her latest and critically acclaimed album Matanot shel Zman. Melekh, Lo Lipol/Chamimut Cholefet, Mechaka Lo, Ad HaKatze, Lomedet La'Oof, Ahava, Yesh b'Zeh Ta'am, Tokh Kdei Tnu'a – these are just some of the songs that you will hear at the concert.


March 31st > 21:00






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