Tower of David 2016


Tower of David




Klezmer - International Band


Klezmer - International band was born in 2015 by three incredible musicians, who met in Jerusalem: Rosa-Lea Solomon(Denmark), Yoshio Otsuka(Japan), and Daniel Ratush(Israel). Together they present Klezmer in an original fashion and other dance styles from places where fiddle, double bass, and accordion are seen in different combinations - playing directly from their souls to the bottom of your soles!


On stage:

Rosa-Lea Solomon - contrabass

Yoshio Otsuka - accordion

Daniel Ratush - violin


March 28th > 19:00, 20:20, 21:40





Original music that integrates Arab, Balkan and Jazz traditions


On Stage:

Lilly-Ann Bezalel – bansuri, ney and flute

Boaz Attias – oud and jura (small bouzouki)

Mark Kirzhner – contrabass and bass guitar

Meron Gelbard - percussion


March 28th > 19:40, 21:00, 22:20


Magic Violins


Magic Violins presents a new fusion of classical and contemporary music by blending traditional classic music with elements of jazz, tranсe, Jewish and Middle Eastern ethnic music, thus forming the bright individual and creative manner of the group. All these blended together to form a unique sound of “Magic Violins”.

On Stage:

Gennady Talis, Inna Tilis, Ronny Seiler


March 29th > 19:00, 20:20, 21:40






The Dilijan Ensemble plays Armenian instrumental music – stirring, rhythmically-distinctive folk melodies and poignant love songs – that integrate authentic instruments and musical material with contemporary sound. The ensemble's soloist plays the Armenian duduk – a wind instrument whose expressiveness evokes of the human voice and has become a symbol of Armenia.


On Stage:

Ilia Mazia - Armenian duduk, flutes

Dmitri Toperman - oud, cello, setar

Ophir Bibi - bass

Anatoly Magdalinsky - percussion


March 29th > 19:40, 21:00, 22:20



Boaz Galili and the Neharot Ensemble


Nevi'a is an original world music creation that gives new expression to ancient inspirations and reflects years of inner search and musical exploration. It offers new and distinctive interpretations of stylistically diverse material, encompassing the music of ancient Persia, Turkey (classical and popular), Greece, the Balkans, Jewish melodies and more. This stylistic fusion creates a unique musical fabric onstage in which east meets west, old meets new, and attentiveness, inspiration and expressiveness carry the day. Beat, bow and string come together to bridge time and space, in a musical work that spans a vast spectrum: from the stillness and intensity of individual sounds to full-blown celebration.


On stage:

Boaz Galili - compositions and musical arrangement, lyre, kamancha, lyraki, guitar

Yanush Horowitz -  Accordion

Lev Elman - percussion –cajón,, rik, frame drum, cymbals

Suf Nikritin - Double Bass

Izik Gan - Oud & Guitar


March 30th > 19:00, 20:20, 21:40



Gülistan Quartet 


The Gülistan Quartet is a unique ensemble that performs original arrangements of classical, popular and Sufi music from Turkey, the Balkans and Armenia, as well as original compositions by members of the Quartet. Gülistan means "rose garden" in Persian and Ottoman Turkish, but it is also a concept that evokes a place – and, perhaps, a mental state – of tranquility, peace and astounding beauty. The ensemble's music aspires to transport audiences to ancient times and faraway places, when the songs were played and sung in coffee houses, palace gardens and roadside inns, around fires, in the shade of grapevines, at religious gatherings, on fishing boats in the moonlight – conveying the experience of how the songs were originally heard, when sound had the power to excite, heal and, perhaps, alter our consciousness.


On stage:

Yoram Arnon -- oud

Boaz Galili  -- kamancha and lyre

Tal Feder  – contrabass

Zev Yaniv – percussion 


March 30th > 19:40, 21:00, 22:20


Bama Tova


Bama Tova ("A Good Platform") has taken up the challenge of advancing the arts in Jerusalem, in a broad cultural and intercultural context.

The name of the show is "From Asia with Love" – a celebration of sound from across the Asian continent – Bukhara, Samarkand, Kurdistan, Russia, Turkey and Persia. The show features accomplished artists of song and dance.


On stage:

Benyamin Yakovian: Director and Producer

Eli Tg'icob and Benyamin Yakovian: vocals

Eli Tg'icob: tanbur, tar, duduk

Davidov Michael: accordion

Ssonob Valery: clarinet

Nissan Yusupov: percussion


March 31st > 19:00, 20:20, 21:40




Pritzat Disc


Pritzat Disc in an acoustic concert featuring hits from the 1960s, '70s and '80s. The Beatles, Elvis, Clapton, Simon and Garfunkel, the Police, and more.


On Stage:

Dan Eilon

Gershon Fischer 

Shachar Cohen 


March 31st > 19:40, 21:00, 22:20



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