Radio Effendi


Radio Effendi was born of intimate musical encounters, in a spirit of yearning and out of an endless quest for primal sound. The show offers unique interpretations of classical, ancient and modern music, both instrumental and vocal, from Turkey, Armenia and Persia, as well as original works that emerged out of the Israeli experience.

The show offers a compelling encounter between cultures, sounds and voices of the East, reflecting a distinctively Israeli sensibility.

Each member of the group brings his/her own set of timbres and sounds to the music, creating a new spirit that is true to its time and place while honoring memory and conveying a sense of rootedness in the past.

On stage:

Nissim Lugassi- Singer & Tar

Yaniv Raba- Oud

Hagai Bilitzky- Contrabass


March 28th, 31st > 19:30, 22:15



Yitzchak Meir & Friends


Yitzchak Meir's Zitz: From Ben Zion Shenker to Naomi Shemer

On stage:

Eran Klein - musical arrangement and keyboard

Nir Mutzari - bouzouki, flute and violin


March 28-29th > 20:20



Meydad Tasa


Meydad Tasa is a singer who successfully integrates Hassidic and Mizrachi music. Having first come to prominence as a child prodigy, he is now a singer of the first rank, known for such hits as Al Neharot BavelBen shel MelekhDediOy Na Lanu, and more …

On stage:

Vocals: Meydad Tasa

Keyboard and musical direction: Israel Sosna

Drums: Shlomi Shimon

Guitar: Rafi Avidani

Darbuka and tambourine: Aviel Maccabi


March 28-29th > 21:25







Jo Amar tribute by Nostalgia Ensemble


The Nostalgia Ensemble is composed of 5 Jerusalem-based musicians, paytanim and artists who classical works, songs and piyyutim that have been passed down through the generations within the different ethnic groups that comprise world Jewry. The ensemble places special emphasis on songs and piyyutim that are sinking into oblivion – arranging them, revitalizing them, and restoring them to center stage, the Shabbat table and the synagogue.

On stage:

Nisan Kazayof – vocals and moderator

Maor Cohen – oud and vocals  

Meir Gabay – violin and strings

Yaron Cohen – keyboard

Avi Natan – darbuka and percussion


March 29-30th > 19:30, 22:15



Zion Golan


Standard-bearer of Israel's Yemenite community. A born musician, he was admitted to the Israel Defense Forces' rabbinical choir and became a choir soloist. It is owing to Golan that Yemenite song has become part of the IDF rabbinical choir's repertoire. Over the years he has released countless albums, including ones devoted to Hebrew music; he has participated in many festivals and in 2010 marked a new milestone by performing in the Caesarea Amphitheater.


March 30th-31st > 20:20



Shai Gabso


Shai Gabso has become one of Israel's most esteemed, intriguing and sought-after artists. Shai's endless curiosity and quest for inspiration and new musical worlds have led him over the years along a path of diverse, rich and original creative work. A dynamic concert, full of feeling and showcasing favorite hits. He leaves his mark on every stage where he performs!

On stage:

Hillel Amsalem – percussion

Roy Tsaadi – guitars

David Sheetrit - piano



March 30th-31st > 19:40, 21:25





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