Hurva Square


Hurva Square




Shlomo Gronich


Shlomo Gronich's music is being reborn for a new century.

His greatest works, three musicians and, of course, the piano.

An astonishing and uplifting concert, full of rhythm, in which Gronich touches on all of the high points of his musical career. He is accompanied by the three young virtuosos who have been associated with him for the past three years and who are credited in his new album.


On stage:

Ron Almog - drums

Eyal Mazig - bass

Omri Agmon - guitars


March 28th > 19:15, 20:25



Yishai Ribo


Artist Yishai Ribo with his most acclaimed hits, along with other popular songs


On stage:

Yisrael Nachum - drums

Amir Eliav - kanun and other instruments

Benny Weil - keyboard

Ehud Darshan - electric guitar

Yair Ofir - bass guitar


March 28-29th > 19:50, 21:00



Ehud Banai


Ehud Banai, Israel's rock troubadour, in a concert that is all Canaanite blues.

With drums that will quicken your heartbeat and guitars that will thrill your soul.

With favorite songs from all periods of his career, and from all of his albums:

Hayom, Kulam Yod'im, Tip Tipa, Zmankha Avar, Florentin, David veShaul, Jamali Porush, and more …


On stage:

Gil Smetana - bass

Eran Porat - drums

Nushi Paz - guitars

Elad Cohen Bonen - percussion and sampler

Ehud Banai - guitars, harmonica and vocals


March 28th > 21:45




Yishai Lapidot


An Akum Prize-winning singer-artist, in a joyful and uplifting concert that encompasses all of the cultural milestones that Lapidot has created and shared with the Jewish music-loving public. A musical journey from Oif Simches to Kinderlach, interspersed wtih stories and anecdotes from the life of a haredi artist in the Israeli show-business world. The show includes an element of audience participation.


March 29-30th > 19:15, 20:25



Amir Benayoun


Amir Benayoun , one of Israel's most celebrated artists, in a concert that is the culmination of 16 years' creative work, 12 studio albums and a repertoire of songs that have become an integral part of Israel's musical landscape. Benayoun has had the distinction of launching timeless classics with each new album -- starting with the groundbreaking Rak At and continuing with Shalekhet (the album that attracted mainstream attention), HaKol Ad leKhan (which established him as a top-tier songwriter), the unique Aluf b'Shakhor, the uplifing Omed baSha'ar, and his latest offering, Sufa. This will be an encore performance of Benayoun's early songs, works that have not been performed live in recent years, songs that audiences have requested but for which there is not always time and, of course, the great classics – all newly-arranged for this gala event.


March 29th > 21:45





Ancient piyutim set to new melodies spanning a range of styles and reflecting a deep connection to the original paytanim. The band has five discs to its credit; the concert will showcase selected works from the albums.


On stage:

Ilan Damari and Hod Dayan, with orchestral accompaniment.


March 30th-31st > 19:50, 21:00


Mendi Jerufi hosting Aharon Razel


Mendi Jerufi

The charismatic Jewish soul singer who received the blessing of the Lubovitcher Rebbe stirs audiences with his unique vocal gifts as he integrates old and new. Jerufi will be performing a selection of songs from his albums and a special duet with Aharon Razel, with orchestral accompaniment.


Aharon Razel

A trailblazing figure in Jewish music, with a distinctive and original style, Razel has ten discs to his credit and has appeared on stages the world over. He will perform songs from his albums and a duet with Mendi Jerufi.


March 30th > 21:45




Alon Olearchik


Alon Olearchik, one of Israel's most exciting and best-loved musicians, has enjoyed a wonderfully creative four-decade career punctuated by acclaimed albums and concerts, exceptional musical productions and numerous joint endeavors. At the festival he will be performing the greatest hits of his career.


March 31st > 19:15, 20:25



David D'Or


David D'Or marks 25 years of musical activity with his new concert, Makom l'Ahava, which brings together the big hits that made him an Israeli household name. D'Or has sixteen gold and platinum albums to his credit, and this concert highlights the classics that he has recorded and performed in Israel and abroad over the course of his long and eventful career, in new and engaging arrangements, with the accompaniment of 7 outstanding instrumentalists.


March 31st > 21:45


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