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Sumsum Band


A colorful, uplifting and theatrical celebration of music and humor, in the finest Gypsy tradition. Since its founding in 2008, the group has performed hundreds of times at festivals, clubs and cultural events in Israel and abroad, gaining a loyal following and enchanting tens of thousands of revelers. The show includes original pieces and popular works from all over the world. The six-member group is currently recording its fourth album.


March 28th > 19:00, 20:20





Yemen and Africa are separated by only a small body of water – Bab-el-Mandeb or Mandeb Strait. Gulaza is an expression of that narrow passage of sea. An encounter between four musicians of differing backgrounds, giving unique expression to the venerable tradition of Yemenite women's song. The show offers a new interpretation, in masculine voice, of the Yemenite woman's world of spirituality and passion, taking the audience on a journey into a universe of rhythm, dance, desire, prayer and longing for freedom.


On stage:

Igal Mizrahi - Vocals

Ben Aylon - Djeli N’goni and Percussion

Hilla Apstein - Cello

Ian Aylon - Guitars


March 28th > 19:40, 22:20

March 29th> 19:40, 22:05


Dudu Tasa


Over the last few years, Dudu Tasa has become one of Israeli music's most prominent voices and one of the country's most successful artists. His songs from all time periods are played constantly on the radio and he has garnered both critical praise and popular acclaim. Tasa's live performances have become a major phenomenon in the local music industry, attracting huge audiences and generating enormous energy.


March 28th > 21:00




Yermi Kaplan @ SpenceRuso 


After more than two decades of independent creative work, countless hit songs and five solo albums, Yermi Kaplan has joined forces with two young producers – Matan Spencer and Uri Russo – to create new sound and highlight new facets of his music.

After a viral Headstart campaign in which the group raised NIS 100,000 – a campaign that was featured on the television program Tzinor Layla, Yermi Kaplan @ SpenceRuso are launching a new and invigorating album that integrates the producers' rock influences with Kaplan's unique writing style and cutting-edge electronic music.


March 29th > 21:00



Yuval Teib


Yuval Teib has been a Jewish music-piyut star since age 8. His first album was released in time for his bar mitzvah, somewhere in the 1990s. His father, Daniel Teib, who lives and breathes music, realized that Yuval's exceptional talent merited cultivation, and arranged for him to study voice and classical violin at the municipal conservatory, where his native gifts could be nurtured. Today Yuval Teib lectures on song and piyut in respected academic frameworks; he has also engaged in a joint musical journey, sponsored by the Hebrew University/Beit Hillel, with Israeli singer-songwriter Shlomo Gronich. He has served frequently as soloist with the Israeli Andalusian Orchestra, and is a member of Alumot, an organization that works to preserve and cultivate the heritage and tradition of North African and Tunisian Jewry. Teib's recent musical work has successfully integrated a number of different styles.


March 30th-31st > 19:00



Yolki Palki


Yolki Palki plays upbeat, danceable folk and original music in a Balkan-Gypsy style that is full of dynamism.


On stage:

Pavel Golenko - violin

Anatoly Shpeiglos - clarinet

Alex Livschitz - guitar

Anatoly Magdalinsky - drums

Alex Trepkov - contrabass


March 30th-31st > 19:40, 22:20



Itay Levi


Itay Levy is one of the most promising figures working in the Mediterranean genre today, having risen to prominence with exceptional speed. The magazine Pnai Plus and the online newspaper Ynet have dubbed him this year's great discovery, and he has released a widely-praised debut album, Ma Over Alayich, that has produced a number of big hits, including Kimat Shir AhavaAf Echad AcherYaldut shel Pa'am, and the title number, Ma Over Alayich. His YouTube page has racked up millions of views, and he has won recognition for 300,000 cellular and new-media downloads. A few months ago Levi was signed by Liam Productions (owned by singer Eyal Golan), and placed under the personal management of Benny Peretz, sparking the real breakthrough. This year he worked on his second album with writers, composers and musicians of the highest caliber while collecting and meticulously selecting material and striving to sustain its distinctive qualities – thereby bringing to the genre something different, unique and challenging.


March 30th > 20:20




Moshik Afia


The veteran acclaimed singer in a special performance.

His warm and unique voice have made Moshik Afia one of the most outstanding singers of Israeli Mediterranean music.

Moshik Afia has a rich and varied repertoire of hit songs, including Shover Shtika, Ein Higayon b'Ahava, Sakh haKol Neshika and, of course, Ani Lo Zamin. These and many other wonderful pieces will be performed by Afia, accompanied by a six-person ensemble.

Afia's concerts are colored by the singer's distinctive style; his rapport with the audience, and the audience's love for him, are evident from the moment he appears on stage. Afia's artistic diversity, which encompasses everything from Greek music to mainstream Israeli song, has made him the outstanding performer that he is.


March 30th >  21:00


Mehmet Dash


March 31st > 20:20




Izhar Ashdot


Izhar Ashdot, one of Israel's best-known rock artists, in a riveting convergence of rock, acoustic and electronic elements, and golden hits from all eras. Izhar is accompanied by an outstanding band that has been performing with him for many years, and a special guest: Peter Roth.


March 31st >  21:00



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