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HaTekuma Garden




Family Area

A musical instrument-making workshop using recycled materials; a music-box exhibition, a voice workshop, a workshop on chakra healing frequencies, a drum circle and a rhythm workshop. 


March 28th-31st > 19:00-22:00


Amongst the workshops:




Efrat Pooja Shaked


The Family Compound will offer a workshop developed especially for the Festival, where participants will learn to create sound-making toys. Not for children only!
The workshop will be led by Efrat Shaked – founder of NamasToy, a studio that develops and facilitates creative workshops that teach life skills with an emphasis on raising personal and environmental awareness.


Heidi - Chakra Overtone Drum


The workshop will guide participants on a journey of sound. Together we will feel how the music awakens and generates creative movement and how it is expressed.




Kim Gordon


The workshop encompasses movement and beat and includes a light warm-up, stretching exercises, liberating and amusing rhythmic introduction games, basic and developed rhythms with repetition and improvisation, making sounds with one's body – drumming the body to create rhythmic movement sentences; possible use of bottles as a musical instrument. All of the activities are led in a fun, humorous and lighthearted atmosphere.




Gilad Vital From One Person to Another


During the workshop we will create together a musical interval in which our attention will be focused on the silence that lies between the sounds, the claps of our hands, and the syllables that we will be singing together. We will play with strong energy and gentle energy; we will also play a little with rhythm. The aim of the encounter is to arrive at an interpretation of the music from a new angle and to understand how this can help us to develop a new outlook on life. The silence between the sounds can be a metaphor for the blank spaces between printed letters, or for the sorrow that interlaces with joy, or the ambience that emerges between one person and another, or the new entity that is created when people sing together. The workshop is conducted in a spirit of fun, joy and love.





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